Josh Parham

    Josh Parham has been a devoted lover of film ever since he was six years old and went to see Mars Attacks! at a downtown Chicago theater. He is primarily a contributor for Next Best Picture, a site with a primary focus on the Oscars and other awards season events. However, this site has a diverse array of topics on all facets of cinema with an active and engaged community that shares a strong passion. He has been contributing written reviews, editorials and podcast appearances since 2018, along with film festival coverage. You can also find his work on such sites as AwardsWatch and InSession Film. Above all else, Josh has a love for many aspect of cinema. Whether it is a meditative character study or a cheesy disaster epic, there’s something to be appreciated in any film that is worthy to be celebrated. He is also a massive fan of the James Bond franchise and firmly believes no one will ever top Sean Connery.

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