Cine-File’s Kat Sachs reviews “The Missouri Breaks” coming to the Northwest Chicago Film Society

“Enjoyable, if forgettable, New Hollywood shtick.” “Very ordinary range-feud drama.” “Corned beef and ham hash.” With all due respect to these esteemed critics (Dave Kehr, David Quinlan, and an anonymous Variety critic, respectively), I have to wonder what movie they were watching, or possibly what they were on while watching it, because Arthur Penn’s revisionist […]

Jason Coffman continues his reference timeline for “A Brief History of Sci-Fi Sex Cinema Part 2: 1990–1999”

The erotic thriller became hugely popular on home video and cable in the late 1980s and into the 1990s thanks to both big-studio hits like Fatal Attraction(1987) and independent productions like Night Eyes (1990). The voracious demand for new titles to fill video store shelves led to a boom in production of erotic thrillers. Night […]

Two new reviews from Geoff Burton on CinemaTrek

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS            “Kubo and the Two Strings” is a prime example of what director Travis Knight does best, a fantastical work of stop motion animation that takes you on a journey through Japanese culture and art by way of Portland, Oregon. — GEOFF BURTON…more   KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV          “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy […]

Leo Brady reviews “War Dogs” on

War Dogs is the type of movie audiences get after years and years worth of film students study the work of Martin Scorsese. Although I could point to a numerous amount of other directors that have stolen from the master (David O. Russell always comes to mind), there is a difference between homage, use of similar techniques, and straight […]