Scott Pfeiffer reviews three upcoming CIFF films for this week’s Cine-File

“JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA” The first of a projected series, this is Bertrand Tavernier’s very personal, illuminating three-hour-plus waltz through my favorite of the great world cinemas. Gazing upon Jacques Becker’s cinema, and the incandescent Simone Signoret, Tavernier muses we can feel his characters’ heartbeats. He honors Jean Gabin, in the words of Roger Ebert […]

Michael Glover Smith reviews “Staying Vertical” and “Sweet Dreams” from CIFF on this week’s Cine-File

“STAYING VERTICAL” Alain Guiraudie’s unique brand of pansexual Surrealism has accrued a steady cinephile following since 2001 when his second feature, THAT OLD DREAM THAT MOVES, drew praise from no less a luminary than Jean-Luc Godard. The transgressive director’s international breakthrough didn’t come until 2013, however, when his sexually explicit serial-killer thriller STRANGER BY THE […]

Don Shanahan reviews “The Accountant” for Every Movie Has a Lesson

Full disclosure, my goal in this review is to use as many synonyms as possible for the words “ridiculous” and “entertaining.”  The range between those two attributes comprises the pendulum swing of “The Accountant,” the latest Ben Affleck-led actioner from “Warrior” director Gavin O’Connor.  The film has a dual personality between the entertaining and ridiculous […]