Scott Pfeiffer writes about the new documentary “The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger” for Cine-File Chicago

THE SEASONS IN QUINCY is a stimulating, deeply moving four-part essay about John Berger, whose book Ways of Seeing changed our relationship with art and culture. Berger is an art critic, drawer, storyteller, and, in the words of his great friend Tilda Swinton, radical humanist in the tradition of Spinoza. He also co-wrote a film […]

Jason Coffman compiles the next piece of the timeline for “A Brief History of Sci-Fi Sex Cinema Part 3: 2000–Present”

This is the list of films I compiled as reference while writing the piece “A Brief History of Sci-Fi Sex Cinema, Part 3: 2000–Present.” Films are listed in alphabetical order by year of release according to either the copyright on the film itself or as listed on IMDB depending on which was available. * denotes […]