Membership benefits include:

  1. Access to Chicago-area press screenings and online/DVD screeners
  2. The opportunity to vote on our annual awards
  3. Participation in programming/hosting the annual CIFCC Film Festival
  4. Press accreditation at other local film festivals
  5. Having links to your work posted on the CIFCC website and through our social-media accounts
  6. Access to special-event screenings
  7. Access to special workshops


  1. All applicants must show two years of experience in their critical field with evidence of ongoing work. Sortable archives, blog history, or an available documented list with dates are pluses.
  2. Writing applicants must show evidence of published pieces of film-related writing (film reviews, essays, interviews, etc.) per year within the last two years.  Reviews of current theatrical releases, older films, and DVD and Blu-ray releases do qualify. Within a total calendar year, at least 50 reviews/pieces must be written of at least 400 words in length or 25 reviews/pieces of 800 words in length.
  3. Webcast/podcast applicants must show evidence of at least 25 shows or productions of film-related content (film reviews, essays, discussions, topics, interviews, etc.) per year within the last two years.
  4. Applicants that create both written and media content (podcast, webcast, radio, etc.), the minimum total of 50 items/pieces per year can be a total of both written and web-produced content.
  5. Online/Website applicants must have, or write for, a website of professional quality.
  6. All applicants of all creative mediums must offer meaningful contributions to the field of film-related criticism.


  1. Completed online form.
  2. Notification of receipt of Membership Application form and anticipated timetable for decision.
  3. Formal review of application and applicant’s work by the CIFCC Directors.
  4. Follow-up communication period to request further information, answer inquiries, or discuss a timetable for a decision.
  5. Personal communication of final decision. We stand by the guarantee that you will hear from us personally with either acceptance or denial.
  6. If approved to join, annual membership dues are $50, payable by check or PayPal.