Jeff York

Jeff York has been writing film criticism online since 2011. His movie blog The Establishing Shot is read in 27 countries. In the past, he was the film critic for Creative Screenwriting magazine online from 2017-2020, an Examiner film critic from 2011-2016, and the host of the movie review podcast “Page 2 Screen” from 2015-2018. Jeff has also been a featured critic at since 2019. He hails from the world of Chicago advertising and journalism and is also an illustrator whose work has appeared in hundreds of periodicals including the Chicago Tribune, Automobile, Playboy, and W magazine. Jeff’s illustrations have graced six books so far and original caricatures of his hang in the home of Spike Lee, Bryan Cranston, Antonio Banderas, and many other celebrities. Jeff is also an optioned screenwriter whose scripts have been considered for production by such notable filmmakers as Steven Spielberg and James Mangold. He was an original charter member of the Chicago Indie Critics and has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1990.
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