Kevin Wozniak

Kevin Wozniak is a film critic and, more importantly, a film lover.  Since watching ‘Ebert & Roeper’ as a young teen, he has always been fascinated by any and all film.  Whether a big budget blockbuster, an indie that cost next to nothing, or a classic from the 40’s, Kevin wants to watch every movie that he can.

Kevin’s first foray into film criticism was in 2014, when he created a Facebook page called One Sentence Reviews.  This page was a social media-friendly page dedicated to writing film reviews in one sentence.  In 2015, Kevin elevated his talents to full length reviews and began writing for a now failed start-up website.  Falling in love with writing full reviews wanting to continue his passion, Kevin created in 2016, a website dedicated to movie reviews, ‘Top 5’ lists, Oscar predictions, and other film related articles.

Kevin has a firm belief that everyone’s opinion is a valid opinion when it comes to film.  Movies touch people in different ways and everybody sees film from a different point of view.  Though the opinions may not be the same as his, nobody is ever wrong in their opinion of a film.  He loves talking/debating about films, so feel free to do so if you get the chance.  

Kevin would like to thank his parents for taking him to see ‘Jurassic Park’ when he was five years old and ‘Gangs of New York’ when he was fourteen, as he is convinced that these two moments are why he loves film to this day.



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