Peter Spedale

I’ve always been drawn to movie critics. As a boy, I grew up with “At the Movies,” very much resembling the movie critic GOAT, Roger Ebert. As a young adult, I enjoyed James Berardinelli’s Reelviews. As a young man, I loved the debates conducted on What the Flick?!/Breakfast All Day on Youtube.

My personal movie critic journey happened because of two films: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Social Network. I was never much of a movie guy, but that changed when I walked into LOTR at age 16. I couldn’t believe a world like that could just be made up, and I was a sucker for larger than life fantasy novels. After that, I’d start to dabble in the movie watching world, seeing a The Departed here, an Enchanted there. Then David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s Shakespearean Zuckerberg story amped me up to the point that I wanted to explain in every way possible why the film was amazing.

Thus the roots for movie criticism were solidified: 10 years and counting! Hopefully I can infuse the lessons from all these great critics into my own style that invigorates you to seek the great film stories in the world today. Yes, I do this because I like it, but I also do it because I want to help regular people quickly make a decision if they should see a movie or not. Nothing is better than a great time at the movies!

WEBSITE: Be the Movie, See the Movie 


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