Mike Crowley

    A jack of all trades, Mike Crowley started working behind the camera before the keyboard. He worked on feature films, music videos, documentaries, and short films. Some of his work has received various accolades during Mr. Crowley’s earlier years. During his career, Mike worked for high-profile clients, from professional athletes to national comedians and professional film critics. Mr. Crowley’s future took an unexpected turn when interning at Ebert Presents At The Movies. During the show’s final year, Mike became engulfed in the film critic world, where he noticed critics aren’t ones to harm a film but rather those who want to help them. From providing word of mouth, the critic helps propel movies’ notoriety up to the Oscars every season. What began as a hobby with You’ll Probably Agree (Mike’s publication) became a professional publication. Filming in a bar, Mike would capture the communal aspects of drinking and chatting about movies in a relatable setting. He currently covers movies weekly through written, podcast, video, or all of the above. He also writes for Film Obsessive from time to time.

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