Matt Kubinski 
    Matt Kubinski (aka Matt K) is a lifelong film fanatic. It began with a love of horror and obscure cinema, and has evolved into his passion for documentary and summer blockbusters. In 2009 he co-founded the podcast/blog/media outlet CinemaJaw with partner Ryan Jagiello, which continues to produce weekly content on the topic of film, at the center of which is the long-running CinemaJaw podcast.
    The tone of CinemaJaw is lighthearted and fun while devoted to the art form of film. The two hosts Matthew “Matt K.” Kubinski and Ryan “Ry The Movie Guy” Jagiello rarely agree, but have great chemistry, which makes for some amazingly entertaining discussions. Rounding out the team is Eliaz “Best in the Biz” Rodriguez CinemaJaw’s engineer, contributing great audio quality and humor to the show.
    From the get-go CinemaJaw has booked amazing guests including media personalities, filmmakers, actors, directors, rock stars, comedians, content creators, podcasters, film critics and all types of interesting people. For a full list of guests, episodes, and links check them out at
    CinemaJaw is snappy and quick moving, the hosts stick to a structure of planned segments that are always rotating and changing. You can expect great interviews, reviews, games, and fun film discussion each week.
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