Annie Banks

Annie Banks is a professional entertainment journalist and marketer located out in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She has earned Bachelor’s degrees in journalism and marketing at North Central College while remaining incredibly active in either field throughout her college career.
Banks is fueled by her love for the written word and natural curiosity about the complexity of marketing. She is eager to further explore the ever-changing landscapes of each (especially when it comes to entertainment media). She welcomes new and exciting means of navigating her passions, such as the arts and entertainment. Early in her career, Banks was the youngest professional film critic and entertainment journalist in Chicago.

The early phases of her budding success in their career have allowed her to stand out among her peers. Banks’ work in digital journalism can be found across a variety of publications throughout her freelance journey, including her accreditation on Rotten Tomatoes as a Tomatometer-Approved Critic. She has reported at entertainment industry events, including the 2021 Academy Awards, and has served as a news director for a small entertainment website. Additionally, She has supplemented their marketing skills by working in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing for two major entertainment web publications.

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