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    Alex Maidy is a film critic for as well as their Senior TV Critic. A veteran of the site for over a decade, Alex grew up in the Washington DC metro area before moving to Chicagoland during high school. A die hard movie buff since his youth watching Universal horror movies, Bruce Lee flicks, and anything he could grab on VHS, Alex became well-versed in everything from B-movies to Oscar winners and beyond. A collector of books, comics, and action figures, he is a proud geek and nerd.

    Alex’s love of film led him to managing a Blockbuster Video as well as a Barnes & Noble at various times in his youth. Despite getting a Bachelor’s from University of Illinois at Chicago in English and secondary education, Alex has worked predominantly in the world of HR and payroll. A chance application at as a news editor started him on the path to being a critic.

    Originally given the chance to write an installment in the ongoing column “The UnPopular Opinion” where he offered a dissenting take on films either universally beloved or reviled, Alex took over the column and went on to write over 200 entries ranging from Goodfellas and The Avengers to Top Gun and The Phantom Menace. Alex then ran a weekly Top 10 column for the site before becoming the primary episodic TV critic. Since then, Alex has become one of the three main film critics for the site.

    In addition to reviewing films, Alex has also interviewed hundreds of filmmakers and actors for the YouTube channel and is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic. Alex resides in the western suburbs with his wife and two children.

    You can follow Alex at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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