James Y. Lee

James Y. Lee (he/they) is a Korean-American film critic in the Chicago area, having written for MovieBabble (moviebabble.com), Frame Rated (framerated.co.uk), and FanFare at Medium (medium.com/fan-fare) since 2020. He is a Banana Meter-approved critic as well as a student member of the Asian American Journalists Association, and his festival press coverage includes reviews for the Sundance Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and so on. For MovieBabble, James is writing a column titled ‘Films from the Peninsula,’ an ongoing series of essays which covers Korean movies from all throughout Korean film history with a sociopolitical perspective. He also edits video countdowns for his favorite 10 movies of each year, which can be found on his Vimeo profile. When not reviewing movies, James also writes short screenplays and one-act plays.