Victor Aragon

Victor Aragon is the co-creator of where he writes about his love for
all things “geeky” and how he shares that passion with his children.
Growing up in the Uptown area of Chicago, Victor would spend his summers playing
with his friends around neighborhood or going to the Riviera Theater and catching
matinees with his family. Escaping the reality of his neighborhood with comics and
movies, Victor knew that they would become a big part of his life.
While attending Wilbur Wright College, Victor was the Arts, Culture and
Entertainment editor for the college paper and this is where his love for writing and
film criticism began. Victor later graduated from Northeastern Illinois University
with an English Major and taught as a Chicago Public School teacher for a few years.
When managing a calendar store with his friend and founder of Fandads, Gil
Noriega, the two decided to begin a blog writing about being fathers and sharing
their love of comics, video games, and movies with their children. Victor started
writing reviews on the site that were quick and to the point. He felt that parents
would like to read reviews that didn’t give too much of the movies away and
highlight if they were suitable for young kids.
Victor resides on the north side of Chicago with his wife and two children.
You can follow Victor at Fandads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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