Mike Crowley

A jack of all trades, Mike Crowley took a page from the book of Jean-Luc Godard, but if read by Christopher Nolan. Mike Crowley began as a filmmaker then switched to being a critic, and then continued to be a filmmaker. To make the puzzle simple, Mike makes and reviews movies simultaneously. He started working on 16mm Bolex films that he physically spliced at the age of 13. During that period, he took classes at the art institute of Chicago making movies on VHS and cutting them on what was called “the toaster” during those years. In high school, Mike won 2nd place drama in the Chicago High School Video Festival for two years in a row. He was the only individual to win the accolade consecutively at that time.
In College, Mike interned for “Ebert Presents At The Movies.” He continues to do work for RoberEbert.com since 2011 from time to time. Working for Ebert Presents was a life changer where Mike’s career would take a complete U-turn. While living in Los Angeles, working at Raleigh Studios, Mike’s interest in working outside the studio system via his own business making continued to grow in his head. Thus he returned to Chicago to turn his dreams into a reality by making “You’ll Probably Agree.” Mike’s diversity of talent continually increased with his colleagues’ help in the world of moviemaking, film criticism, and comedy.
Although talented behind the camera, Mike also had an affinity for writing. When working in L.A., Mike did script coverage, yet as the cliche goes, he wrote his screenplays on the side. Often Mike wrote feverishly for no good reason. Why? Because he just could. With being around film critics, Mr. Crowley wrote and published his reviews. Surprisingly they began to catch a lot of attention. Putting his video skills and writing savvy to work, he created his website ypareviews.com. On this site, you can find his podcast, YouTube Channel, and written reviews. Why stick to one medium when you can do all of them? When not reviewing movies, he plays video games. Will there be gaming content on the horizon? Keep your eyes and ears open.