Linda Lerner

LLLinda Lerner is a writer/producer/voiceover artist who works with broadcaster Al Lerner reviewing films and interviewing filmmakers to create video features for their web site She was an Assignment Editor at KNBC-TV News in Los Angeles and at WBBM-TV News in Chicago where she also produced features with Gene Siskel. Linda also produced a children’s issue-oriented musical TV special for WTTW that won three Emmys. When Al became a syndicated talk show host for the USA Radio Network in Dallas, Linda became a writer, producer, voiceover artist, and Kid Director for the The Walt Disney Company’s Radio Disney Network. She covered movie junkets in Los Angeles to create movie and music features. Linda is also known as a baker and has her own brownie business. She is also a dance freak who loves Zumba and tap danced with Gregory Hines.