Leo Brady

headshot2 - Leo Brady
Leo Brady is the creator and film critic for AMovieGuy.com. Born and raised in Chicago, Leo has been writing movie reviews since 2010 and AMovieGuy.com has become a constant for weekly movie reviews. One of the best features on AMovieGuy.com are Leo’s Hot Seat Interviews which includes in-depth conversations with actors such as Naomi Watts, Timothee Chalamet, and Kyra Sedgwick. Leo has covered many film festivals as well, from SXSW, Fantastic Fest, Brooklyn Horror, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Leo lives in the Lincoln Park area with his wife Christina and son Lucas. They have six cats and a big fish tank.

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/AMovieGuy/

TWITTER: @LeosAMovieGuy

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