Josh Parham

Josh Parham has been a devoted lover of film ever since he was six years old and went to see Mars Attacks! at a downtown Chicago theater. This passion led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Film at Columbia College Chicago and a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University. After years of online conversations with like minded individuals on social media, he eventually joined the team at Next Best Picture ( This site has a primary focus on the Oscars and other awards season events, but has a diverse array of topics on all facets of cinema and takes pride in engaging with an active community. He has been contributing written reviews, editorials and podcast appearances since 2018 and has also covered the Chicago International Film Festival on behalf of the site.
More than anything, Josh just loves to watch as many movies as possible. Whether it’s a well-regarded classic or a cheesy genre thriller, there is never a wasted opportunity to experience a new story and expand the repertoire of knowledge concerning the history of film. He finds it of great value to engage in these discussions because they always lead to more informed opinions and a richer commentary. He is also a massive fan of the James Bond films and firmly believes no one will ever top Sean Connery.