Dave Lane

Dave Lane or Davey Dave Lane has loved cinema ever since the days he grew up in Akron Ohio. Growing up he learned to become a diehard Cleveland sports fan and to love all things movies. He then attended Ohio University to pursue an education in film business and graduated in 2019. After graduation he moved to LA for a short time and got to experience filmmaking up close which inspired him to pursue film criticism. In September of 2019, he started his YouTube channel: Davey Dave’s Take which was his first step of his journey into film criticism. In January of 2020 he moved to Chicago where he continually worked hard at his channel. In October of 2021 his hard work paid off as he was accepted into the YouTube partnership program. He is proud of his work and success so far but is excited to learn from the members at Chicago Indie Critics to grow into the best film critic he can be.


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