Curtis Menke

Curtis Menke is one half of the award-aware team behind the “Let’s Talk About Flix” Podcast. Growing up in rural Illinois, Curtis enjoyed a steady diet of sci-fi, action, and comedy. Citing Conan O’Brien as a hero, Curtis is a nosebleed waiting to happen. Curtis hopes that “Let’s Talk About Flix” can provide others permission to laugh at themselves and embrace the sillier parts of life.

Curtis works as a school counselor in the northwestern Chicago suburbs, supporting the career and wellness needs of his students. Additionally, he serves as his school’s Comics, Manga, & Fandoms Club advisor, providing the next generation of nerds with a supportive and inclusive environment.

Curtis lives in the northwestern Chicago suburbs with his Amazonian wife, crazy-in-the-best-way daughter, and two tiny dogs. He successfully cheers for both the Cubs and White Sox without experiencing cognitive dissonance.

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