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pngEMMANUEL NOISETTE (or “E-Man” ) is the author and creator of and is a Rotten Tomatoes approved film critic. He’s been writing movie reviews since 2012, and has lived in and around Chicago his entire life. He’s happily married to his wife and has 2 awesome daughters.  He currently writes for other websites such as and Geeks World Wide. He’s also a member of the African American Film Critic Association (AAFCA).

In addition to writing about films, Emmanuel is also a video content producer and social media influencer. He has a combined social media following of over 200K followers including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.  He seeks to be somewhat of an unconventional film critic. His unique style takes on the approach of making his reviews digestible for everyone and spoiler-free. One could even say that he’s like a professional movie adviser.  His mission is to help average moviegoers spend or save both their time and money with any given movie.

EEL’AHRAI STANEK is one of the voices on the Neon Movie Bunker. Grown in a lab, he grew up on a steady diet of creature features, slashers, kung fu movies and PBS documentaries. He began his fascination with radio broadcast in high school, followed that path to co-hosting the “Seventies Soul Jam” on WDCB 90.9 and then moved onto working within public education. During that time he helped instruct hundreds of high school students in media production and co-founded Neon Movie Bunker with carbon-based bi-ped John Robinson. He currently resides in the bunker in an undisclosed location in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

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