New Podcast from El’Ahrai Stanek and John Robinson: The Neon Movie Bunker — Episode 273

It’s here! It’s here! IT’S FINALLY HERE! Yes, the Neon Movie Bunker 2022 Year-End Spectacuganza has finally arrived! Thrill to El’Ahrai, John, and special guest Cati Glidewell of The Blonde in Front delivering their Top 10 lists for the year! (No one knows how they all, independently, came up with “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” as their top film, but the great thing about miracles is not having to explain them.) Plus! Reviews of “Women Talking” and “Roads Apart”! So come on! Get in here and listen already! I like boys! I like loud music! I like GYRATING! I’m 13, DEAL WITH IT!

from The Neon Movie Bunker

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