New from Cati Glidewell of The Blonde in Front: Screamday

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Happy Screamday Screenday to #Scream which is 25 Ghostface masks young TODAY!! Directed by #WesCraven and written by #KevinWilliamson Scream changed the game in horror by bringing all of the tropes and “rules” to mainstream audiences. Sure my fellow horror dorks knew what Randy was talking about WAY before this film came out but not everybody did. And Williamson and Craven made the film that would set the trend for Game of Thrones and many other movies and television shows. Sorry, @drewbarrymore Know your horror trivia and I’ll be right back with my retro review of this trendsetting film.

#horrorfilm #90s #90shorror #25years #whatsyourfavoritescarymovie #horrorlover #sidneyprescott #billy #stu #weallgoalittlemadsometimes #masterofhorror #horrormoviesarelife #horror #followtherules

from The Blonde in Front | Movie Reviews and Culture from Cati Glidewell

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