New from Leo Brady on Matthew Heineman- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Retrograde

Matthew Heineman is a native of Washington D.C. and studied history in college at Dartmouth. It’s as if from birth he was headed directly for an illustrious career in crafting groundbreaking documentaries about political affairs. His films Cartel Land, The First Wave, and City of Ghosts all capture humans putting themselves in the middle of a fight. His first feature, A Private War, also proved he was not just good at non-fiction filmmaking. He is one of two directors to have been nominated for the narrative and documentary DGA awards. The other person is Martin Scorsese. Good company. His recent film- Retrograde is once again proof that he is undoubtedly one of the best documentary filmmakers around; Capturing the United States leaving Afghanistan, and the immediate collapse after the longest war ever. I was incredibly grateful to talk with Matthew, about his courageous style, his battle with PTSD, and staying apolitical in the film he is making. Watch the interview here:

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