New from Tarek Fayoumi on Movies with Tarek: Spoiler Alert Review

It’s hard to see Jim Parsons in a role without thinking of him as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Parsons is quiet with a nerdy sense of humor. His personality and characterizations always have positivity. In Spoiler Alert, he is a caring character in this one-of-a-kind dark comedy. Spoiler Alert is a film where Parsons’ character comes out of his shell for someone he loves.

In Spoiler Alert, Parsons plays Michael. He is a man of a few words, an introvert. He finds himself in a relationship with Kit, played by Ben Aldridge. They have a special connection. They have their moments of frustrations and disagreements, moments where they feel their relationship is in trouble. But all of that is set aside when Kit is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Kit’s parents, Marilyn and Bob, (played by Sally Field and Bob Irwin), are empathetic and love Kit as much as Michael loves him.

Spoiler Alert is narrated in fragments by Parsons. It’s a film that displays love and acceptance in the good and bad times. Despite the sadness and questions that spiral through the film, the chemistry between Michael and Kit is strong and devoted. Spoiler Alert’s title speaks for itself, as the premise enters uncharted discoveries with Kit. The deep empathy of Spoiler Alert, the connection and acceptance, is what drew me in.

The sadness of Kit’s parents and Michael brings a deep melancholy to Spoiler Alert. But the melancholy keeps reminding its audience that Kit and Michael are in love. Michael is Kit’s top fan and his devoted partner. The cancer though, hits both Michael and Kit hard. It challenges their emotions and the past and the present moments of their relationship. Can Michael help Kit fight the cancer? Is Kit stronger than he sees himself? Spoiler Alert is engrossing and its empathetic moments will enthrall its audiences.

Spoiler Alert may seem at first glance to be a depressing film, but Parsons is revolutionary and Aldridge is brilliant as well. Both actors deliver charming and deep performances. Field is also amazing in her role. And regardless of the sadness, Spoiler Alert is mesmerizing, touching, and endearing. One of those feel-good holiday films to remind people to stay connected. Three stars.

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