New from The HoloFiles from Josh and George Bate: SEASON REVIEW: Andor – Season 1

By Josh Reilly B.

Andor’s debut season has come to an end after an epic, emotional 12-episode journey. Here are our thoughts on each episode of Andor Season 1 and a review of the season as a whole.

VERDICT: 8.5/10

Andor overcomes a slow start in its first two episodes to deliver the most refined and polished Star Wars project to date. More akin to a mature HBO drama than anything seen before in a galaxy far, far away, Andor excels as a powerful tale of the lived impact of the Empire’s tyrannical reign. Showrunner Tony Gilroy and his writing team intelligently break the season up into distinct arcs, which means the season ends up having several high-stakes installments that feel like finales unto themselves. Diego Luna superbly leads an ensemble cast full to the brim with talent and brilliantly capable of delivering the series’ poignant dialogue. Andor works as a prequel to Rogue One and A New Hope and a standalone tale of life under Imperial rule, providing insights into the start of the Rebel Alliance and the inner-workings of the Empire like never before. Needless to say, Andor’s second and final season can’t come soon enough.

from The HoloFiles

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