New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 585 – Armageddon Time, Causeway, Goodnight Oppy – Top 5 Worlds Collide Movies

It’s like when a punk rock podcaster with a penchant for B-Movie horror and schlock films, teams up with a straight-laced and refined film critic with a serious taste in art house… WORLDS COLLIDE! This week, in honor of Armageddon Time we take a look at our Top 5 characters who form a friendship despite their different backgrounds, and their Worlds Collide.

In addition, we have the aforementioned full review of Armageddon Time, as well as a couple of brief reviews of Causeway,  and Goodnight Oppy.

Listen up!

Top 5 Worlds Collide

5.) Electric Dreams
4.) Lord of the Rings (Series)
3.) Turner and Hooch
2.) Edward Scissorhands
1.) ET

5.) Gran Turino
4.) Dallas Buyer’s Club
3.) Greenbook
2.) Fox and the Hound
1.) The Intouchables

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