New “Scene Stealers” podcast episode hosted by Leo Brady and Charles Gainey – Ep.17 No Sudden Move November 4, 2022

We have a guest this week on Scene Stealers! Film critic Kevin Wozniak from KevFlix and fellow member of the Chicago Indie Critics joins Leo and Charles to talk about director Steven Soderbergh’s 2021 noir style hit No Sudden Move. It’s an episode filled to the brim. We open the vault and discover three very different movies- Leo talks about Roland Emmerich’s Universal Soldier, Kevin celebrates Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Charles talks about the short film about Jeremy Lin with 38 at the Garden. Inside the safe is another movie from Steven Soderbergh, whose films are becoming recurring events on Scene Stealers, but only this time it’s a heist movie with a lot of characters that can’t be trusted. Leo, Charles, and Kevin try to keep it all together and stay still on Scene Stealers.

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