New from Leo Brady on Lila Neugebauer- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Causeway

Lila Neugebauer has already made an impact in the theater, dipped her toe into directing a few episodes of television (Maid; Room 104), and is now using her great talent for the big screen. Her directorial debut is Causeway and it’s the first movie back for Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence after her brief 3-year break from acting. One thing is certain for Lawrence, which is that she’s in good hands, because Neugebauer is an absolute professional, instantly showing off her great skill for telling a story, focusing on two people becoming friends after unique experiences of trauma. It’s an intimate and emotional drama that will move audiences to feel great compassion. I was able to sit down and interview Lila and talk about being inspired by movies and theater, crafting a scene in small spaces, and how every person has a story to tell. Watch it here:

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