New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 582, Halloween Special pt.1, John LaFlamboy of Hells Gate – Hellraiser, TÁR – Best Female Horror Villains

Review(s): Hellraiser, TÁR
Celebrating This Month: Colin Farrell
Sponsored by: Overcast, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies Podcast

Once again it is upon us. The spooky season, the terror time of year, the fright fest! Time to dust off your skulls and cauldrons and get some horror brew a bubblin’! What else is back? After two years of being unableto attend, Matt K. and Ry The Movie Guy return to Hell’s Gate Haunted House… only to find it much changed, further corrupted by The Darkness, more aggressive, scarier! Along the way, they stop to interview and talk horror with the proprietor, the insane mad scientist behind it all, John Laflamboy!



In honor of Hellraiser (2022) the lads and John tackle their Top 5 Female Horror Villains, as well as slay two reviews: the aforementioned, Hellraiser, and Cate Blanchett Oscar vehicle TÁR.

The only real question is… did they make it out alive?

from CinemaJaw

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