New from Every Movie Has a Lesson by Don Shanahan: PODCAST: Episode 84 of “The Cinephile Hissy Fit” Podcast

For their 84th episode, two butchered film critics, two holy rollin’ dads, and two rubber-masked school teachers Will Johnson and Don Shanahan blow the dust off a long lost episode for 2021’s Halloween Kills on the heels of its rumored franchise conclusion. They recorded this a year ago but never found the right time to drop it. A year now seems like a long enough wait. With an updated intro including regular guest Cati Glidewell of The Blonde in Front, enjoy our podcast!



Cati Glidewell is a Chicago based freelance film journalist, reviewer, trivia expert, and prize-winning Oscar enthusiast. She is a lifelong cinephile who is trying everything and telling you all about it. Find her work across YouTube and social media at The Blonde in Front.

Cinephile Hissy Fits is a 25YL media podcast, brought to you by Please visit, rate, review and subscribe. If you enjoyed this show, we have more where that came from, with interesting hosts, and wonderful guests. All available on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere you find your favorite shows. Follow the show on Twitter at @CinephileFit and on Facebook. Also, find both Will Johnson and Don Shanahan on Letterboxd as the accumulate their viewings and build their ranks and lists.

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Don Shanahan on Letterboxd

Will Johnson on Letterboxd

Don Shanahan on 25YL

Will Johnson on 25YL


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