New from Al and Linda Lerner on Movies and Shakers: The Grand Bolero

The Grand Bolero Movies and Shakers October 14, 2022

First posted June 9th, 2021. Director Gabriel Fabbro and stars Lidia Vitale and Ludovica  Mancini in a lively conversation talking about this passionate thriller. It is well-crafted  and beautifully shot about a young woman who comes under the tutelage of a strident older woman who is a pipe organ restorer. They learn about the organ and each other as they work together on refurbishing what was a magnificent massive organ in a huge old church in Italy. The sounds of the Ravel’s Bolero coming out of the organ inspire, bringing the characters closer, building to a climax in their relationship, along with the music. But there is more to the story involving the young girl and her brother to complicate their relationship.  Now on Amazon Prime. 

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