New “Next Best Picture Show” podcast episode featuring co-host Josh Parham – “Blonde” September 28, 2022

For this week’s second podcast review, I am joined by Sara ClementsJosh ParhamEve O’Dea & Dan Bayer. Together we’re reviewing the latest film from director Andrew Dominik Wilde, “Blonde,” starring Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Xavier Samuel & Julianne Nicholson. The much-anticipated (or, in some cases, dreaded) fictional biopic film on Marilyn Monroe is finally streaming on Netflix and has brought up much controversy related to its NC-17 rating. What did we ultimately think of the filmmaking, Ana de Armas’ performance, the writing, and graphic content? We discuss all of these points and more in our review, which you can listen to down below. Thank you, and enjoy!

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