New “Halloweenies: A Horror Franchise Podcast” episode featuring co-host Mike Vanderbilt – Evil Dead (2013) August 29, 2022

Something strange is going on. The Halloweenies are back at the cabin, only there’s no Ash. The Delta is outside, sure, but there’s no sign of our chainsaw-wielding lothario. No, there’s a new darkness within these woods — an abomination, if you will. Join the gang around the cellar door as they unchain Fede Alvarez’s 2013 reimagining of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. Together, they gang debates whether or not this is a remake, a requel, or a sequel before praising the depth of the story, the performances of Jane Levy and Lou Taylor Pucci, and all the practical effects that put today’s horror to shame.

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