New from The HoloFiles from Josh and George Bate: 5 Best Breaking Bad Episodes, Ranked

By Josh Reilly B.

The conclusion of Better Call Saul this week marks the end of a series of two television shows encompassing 125 episodes and a movie. This makes it a great time to look back at the best episodes of the show that started it all – Breaking Bad.

Check out the top 5 episodes of Breaking Bad below.

5. Crazy Handful of Nothin’ – Season 1, Episode 6

Breaking Bad’s first season starts a tad slow, but its with episode 6 that the series really kicks into gear. This episode is notable for the introduction of the show’s most famous elements, including the Heisenberg moniker and Walt’s iconic bald look.

4. Say My Name – Season 5, Episode 7

“Say my name” is one of the series’ most haunting lines. In the series’ final season, the audience sees Walt become more and more depraved, and episode 7 features one of Walt’s most devious actions toward Jesse. The episode also packs an emotional punch with the dead of Mike at the hands of Walt.

3. Salud – Season 4, Episode 10

The sprawling cartel plot gets more intense than ever in this season 4 episode. More than ever, the depths of danger Walt and Jesse are in is on full display as Jesse heads to Mexico.

2. Face Off – Season 4, Episode 13

The season 4 finale features one of the most visually shocking moments in television history. The image of Gus’ charred and destroyed face will remain etched in viewers’ minds for years to come.

1. Ozymandias – Season 5, Episode 14

Not only the best episode of Breaking Bad, but one of the best episodes of television of all time, Ozymandias has to top this list. A culminating event of an episode that miraculously and superbly pays off so well. Scene after scene, whether it be the death of Hank or Walt revealing his role in Jane’s death, is so powerful. Ozymandius is the shining example of what made Breaking Bad such an outstanding show.

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