New “Scene Stealers” podcast episode hosted by Leo Brady and Charles Gainey – Ep. 10 Widows July 29, 2022

This week on Scene Stealers we give it a 10! It’s the 10th episode of Scene Stealers and there’s only one way to do it and that is big. In The Vault this week Leo is talking about the success of the sci-fi sequel The Matrix Reloaded and Charles is playing the right numbers with the Paramount+ film Jerry and Marge Go Large. But the main event this week we are talking about the criminally underappreciated heist movie- Widows. Director Steve McQueen’s 2018 drama brought an all-star cast together, with Viola Davis leading the charge in this tense and tight drama about four women getting money before some bad guys get them first. We had to make Widows the 10th Episode of Scene Stealers because no-one thinks we have the balls to pull this off…Now listen to Scene Stealers. 

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