New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 572, Jacob Gregor/CUFF – NOPE – Top 5 WTF Movies

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At the edges of your periphery, strange shapes scuttle. You step through a surreal landscape and walk through dreams. Your deepest desires, and perhaps deepest fears manifest… then a 20-foot talking rubber chicken eats your car and lays an egg containing a Lamborghini… What The F***?!?

This week on CinemaJaw (in case you couldn’t tell) we are covering those head-scratchers, the What The F Movies! Films that make your jaw drop in disbelief in either a good or a bad way.

Joining us is a filmmaker who knows how to make people say WTF…

Jacob Gregor is a Chicago-based filmmaker who has had shorts screened at the Slamdance Film Festival and on NoBudge. His first feature, Endless Content Forever, is premiering at the Chicago Underground Film Festival in July. Do check it out, and all the wonderful selections from CUFF!
Then sit back and relax. Screw in those earbuds nice and tight… Never mind the giant rubber chicken.
It’s CinemaJaw time

Top 5 WTF? Movies

5.) American Psycho
4.) The Congress
3.) You Were Never Really Here
2.) Pi
1.) The Lobster

5.) Pink Flamingos
4.) Happiness
3.) Inland Empire
2.) Trash Humpers
1.) The River

5.) The Zero Thoerem
4.) Mother
3.) Inland Empire
2.) The Skin I live in
1.) Climax

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