New from Every Movie Has a Lesson by Don Shanahan: MEDIA APPEARANCE: Included in Banana Meter’s “First Reactions” for “Thor: Love and Thunder”

The newly-formed Rotten Tomatoes alternative Banana Meter has been gathering talented critics and hoping to make a social media splash. They’ve been timely and spirited with highlighting their members and getting their reviews out there. One of these frequent features is a collection of “First Reactions” for big new releases. If I can get my work done early enough, I have the chance of my work and grade being selected for one of those hot-off-the-press features. It’s an honor to join friends and peers for such an inclusion. Here’s my highlight from Thor: Love and Thunder. Find and follow the Banana Meter on Twitter. Check out your boy!

Full Banana Meter First Reactions for “Thor: Love and Thunder”

My Full Review of “Thor: Love and Thunder”


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