New from The HoloFiles from Josh and George Bate: Thor: Love And Thunder Review Roundup

By George Bate

Taika Waititi’s next Thor film is nearly here. The title was announced at San Diego Comic Con in July of 2019, but the pandemic delayed its release considerably. Ever since Thor: Ragnarok in particular, where the title character was reinvented with a more humorous and self deprecating tone, Chris Hemsworth’s hero has become a fan favorite, so the anticipation is high for Love and Thunder.

Ahead of its release on Friday, the reviews for the film were officially released today. Currently, Thor: Love and Thunder sits at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes with 124 reviews.

An audience score will be calculated after its release this weekend. Currently, it looks as if the general consensus on Love and Thunder is below that of its predecessor, as Ragnarok has a 93%.

Check out our review at The HoloFiles for Thor: Love and Thunder:

Other outlet reviews:






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