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This week on CinemaJaw we bare our fangs and sink our teeth into Scenes that Bite. These are film scenes that feature an “eat or be eaten” theme. Perhaps it’s a monster, or a dinosaur, or maybe even Canibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. Anything with teeth is fair game.

It’s ALSO the week of Father’s Day (hope you’re getting dad a gift that doesn’t bite!) so we welcome back filmmaker George Ellzey, whose new project, Cottage Grove is all about a father/son relationship.

Cottage Grove is George’s MFA thesis film in Directing at DePaul University. It is a film about the unspoken issues in families, forgiveness, and choices we make in life. The film means a lot to me since it is loosely inspired by an event with George’s real-life dad, last summer. His desire for Cottage Grove is to facilitate healthy conversations between parents and their children at any stage of life so families can heal.”

While DePaul gives filmmakers access to gear, and some student labor, they really want to be able to bring in professionals for this project: seasoned actors, a credited Director of Photography, a team of Editors, and more! – to make the most out of this script. We’ve seen George’s previous work and are very excited to see this director make his vision a reality!

Here is a link to the project on IndieGoGo:


Top 5 Scenes That Bite

5.) Nightmare On Elm St III
4.) Empire Strikes Back
3.) Day of the Dead
2.) Hannibal
1.) The Thing

5.) Deep Blue Sea
4.) Lake Placid
3.) Anaconda
2.) Pitch Black
1.) It

5.) Crawl
4.) Return of the Jedi
3.) King Kong (2005)
2.) The Shallows
1.) The Revenant

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