New Episode from CinemaJaw: CinemaJaw 565 – Hustle – Top 5 Training Sequences

Review(s): Hustle
Celebrating This Month: Laura Dern
Trivia: Stump the Kubinski – Basketball Movies
Sponsored by: Overcast

This week on CinemaJaw it’s just one on one… and one. Matt, Ry, and Pfil have no guests just the CinemaJaw guys.

Perfect time to practice, train up, and queue the montage! This week we cover our Top 5 Training Montages.

We do this subject in honor of our review of Adam Sandler’s latest dramatic turn in the movie Hustle.

Top 5 Training Montages

5.) The Matrix
4.) Harry Potter: The Order of the Pheonix
3.) Real Genius
2.) Dirty Dancing
1.) Major League (sub for Kill Bill 2)

5.) Kill Bill Vol. 2
4.) Batman Begins
3.) Dodgeball
2.) The Rockey Films
1.) The Karate Kid

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