New from Leo Brady on Joel Kim Booster & Andrew Ahn- Hot Seat Interview- Fire Island

The incredible talents of comedian, writer, and star Joel Kim Booster merging with director Andrew Ahn to make Fire Island is a thing of beauty. The two are a perfect match of humor, heart, and sensitivity. And the two have put it all on display in Fire Island, easily one of the best romantic comedies of 2022. Booster uses a little inspiration from Jane Austen and Ahn uses his excellent craftsmanship in a movie that deserves a larger audience. Ahn’s previous two films Spa Night and Driveways were massive hits, so the streak continues with this one, with a bigger cast and a lot more fun. It’s not that Fire Island is just a watershed moment for LGBTQ cinema, but it stands on its own as a breakout film for Booster and Ahn. You finish watching Fire Island and instantly want to see what they make next. I was incredibly lucky to be able to chat with the Joel and Andrew, asking them about their inspirations, getting the comedy right, and working with Bowen Yang. Watch it here:


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