New from Every Movie Has a Lesson by Don Shanahan: MEDIA APPEARANCE: Included in Banana Meter’s round-up for “Turning Red”

The newly-formed Rotten Tomatoes alternative Banana Meter has been gathering talented critics and hoping to make a social media splash. They’ve been timely and spirited with highlighting their members and getting their reviews out there. One of these frequent features is a collection of first reactions or a collected round-up for big new releases. If I can get my work done early enough, I have the chance of my work and grade being selected for one of those hot-off-the-press features. It’s an honor to join friends and peers for such an inclusion. Here’s my highlight from Turning Red. Find and follow the Banana Meter on Twitter. Check out your boy!

Full Banana Meter Round-Up for “Turning Red”

My Full “Turning Red” Review


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