New from Leo Brady on Radha Mitchell- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Asking for It

Radha Mitchell is an enigmatic person. The Australian actor has been in plenty of movies that fans appreciate, such as Silent Hill, Olympus Has Fallen, Man on Fire, and many more, but she ultimately lets the work speak for her. She’s worn all kinds of hats too, kicking around aliens with Vin Diesel in Pitch Black, getting attacked by a giant crocodile in Rogue, or believing in the power of love in 2 Hearts, Mitchell is always delivering. No matter what the performance calls for , the depth a character needs, or the genre she is in, Radha Mitchell is a welcomed presence. I was incredibly lucky to be able to interview Radha about getting her start on Australian soap operas, her memorable roles revisited- we talk Phone Booth and Man on Fire– and playing the den mother to a fierce gang of women in her new movie Asking for It. Watch the interview here:

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