New from Every Movie Has a Lesson by Don Shanahan: MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the Kicking the Seat’s “HawkTalk” YouTube roundtable for Episode 5 of “Hawkeye”

For me, the penultimate episode of Disney+’s MCU limited series Hawkeye felt like the calm before the finale storm that some of us like to call “filler.” Yes, the dreaded TV f-word. In any case, the character development was still strong as was the discussion among “Earth’s Mightiest Critics.” Watch the live-recorded “HawkTalk” Kicking the Seat YouTube roundtable for this fifth episode featuring the talents of Ian, myself, my Cinephile Hissy Fit podcast partner Will Johnson, David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel, Mark Krawczyk of Special Mark Productions, Mike Crowley of You’ll Probably Agree, Annie Banks of Chuck Load of Comics! Come check out the Streamyard discourse! See you next week for the finale!



from Review Blog – Every Movie Has a Lesson

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