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Worth Watching Action Movies Of All The Time

by Emma Wilson

Pure action movies have something to do with an increase in an adrenaline rush. Those punchy fight scenes, tensed shots, epic chasing sequences, and legendary explosions recreate the action genre and give the best of your watching experience. History has proved how directors ever since the bygone days have utilized and taken advantage of the action domain to present a power-packed and compact narration. Take examples of the ’70s or ’80s taciturn classics when the concept of the one-man-army trope was famous. Or let’s talk about the mismatched-buddy ’90s duos and universe-saving superheroes of this modern world. Whichever era you say, there is a good action movie twisted with the right essence. On this note, here are five top-notch action movies of all the time that you must watch.

A Cop Movie

Upon checking the casting list, any audience would go gaga over this movie. After all, we get Monica Del Carmen as Teresa and Raul Briones as Montoya. Doesn’t that make everything evident for us to watch it wholeheartedly? Yes, of course. But there are other intricacies that the director has incorporated, such as using protective gear like a bulletproof vest to go all the more natural and stay safe while shooting for this masterpiece. The legendary Alonso Ruizpalacios has directed this Mexican action movie and released it in 2021. The film got its global premiere in March this year at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Enter the Dragon

If you are a Bruce Lee fan, then you have, of course, seen Enter the Dragon, his last film released in 1970. His stylish moves and kung fu skills swept the fans off their feet as soon as they appeared on the screen. Here, Bruce Lee was a British Intelligence Agent disguised as a Shaolin martial art expert trying to capture Shih Kien, the villain. Be it Bruce Lee’s charisma, look, skill, action, or gripping story, it still succeeds in attracting people to the TV screen even after 50 years of release. 



After John McTiernan’s debut, this offering is proof that with the proper direction and action, the genre gets elevated to absurd grandeur. McTiernan’s film happens to be a mash-up of the men-on-mission war movie with subtle swipes at the action genre & groan-worthy eroticism. However, he keeps a straight face intact, and it’s the tremendous memorable events like Ol’ Painless forest destruction, one-man army war, etc., that become the most significant events throughout the movie. And indeed, Arnold has never been any better.


It seems Christopher Nolan has delivered such a mind-bending thriller that follows a thief (DiCaprio) into an individual’s dreams. In the dreams, the thief extracts data & influences events. Nolan’s idea turned out to be incredible, ranging in the action domain. Strong performances from Ethan Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Michael Caine are its popularity. And watching Inception is a feeling that stays with you just forever.

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Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a masterpiece, despite being a controversial effort from Kinji Fukasaku that continues to provoke discussion with the devastating premise. Even though multiple attempts were made to ban it, it still holds paramount importance in today’s industry. The story comprises some teenagers taken to the island, fitted with collars, and asked to kill each other until a single person remains alive. Despite being gory, it’s not a violent piece. So, that makes us believe in Fukasaku’s competence of being powerful to narrate about intergenerational distrust, attitudes towards violence, and modern society, in a nutshell.


If there’s a sophisticated Bond film, then it has to be the Skyfall after everything else. Skyfall, without a single doubt, has been an authentic piece concerning the Bond series. And for fans, getting the two-dimensional James Bond character into reality seems incredibly excellent in this modern epoch. Skyfall, while not sans its one-liners, erotic innuendos, henchman murders, and martinis – never gets its audiences wrong. It’s a typical Bond picture that aims at tackling deeper conceptual concerns. 


First Blood

Surviving a war will make you a war itself, and that’s what John Rambo claims in the action movie. Rambo, a Vietnam War Veteran, is, indeed, the top-shelf bloodbath that was forced into the role of one-man-army superhero considering daft sequels. Thus, it’s rejuvenating to reencounter First Blood, an American action film of 1982, and experience an electrifying pulp drama about the PTS sufferer. Ted Kotcheff has directed this excellent action movie while Stallone himself took part in writing the story based on the page-turning novel of David Morrell by the same name. 


At times, less becomes more. And if we consider the staunchest movie, Sicario, it’s the dialogue-heavy moments with very little to no action. Still, it adds gravitas to moments that make your heart go. The thriller tells the tale of the FBI agent Mac Who has been to eliminate the drug cartel near the Mexican border. Who co-stars as the brooding mercenary is Benecio Del Toro and ends up signifying a legendary role in a narrative. All in all, Sicario earns prominence amongst action lovers on numerous counts.

The Curse of Oak Island

The “treasure hunters” gouge and dig their way via Oak Island, promptly assuming everything discovered was Roman or Norse and another clue to the treasures that they seek. Every episode has the nugget of tales stretched out to consume your one-hour slot. And if you are an action lover, there’s no way The Curse of Oak Island would disappoint you. You will get a wonderful experience while watching the show on your device.


So, these are the nine action movies that you can’t afford to miss. Have you seen any of them? If not, then be it a simple weekend or a holiday, make sure to catch up with these movies one by one. They are sure to give you an enjoyable and thrilling time. Start watching.


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