New from Every Movie Has a Lesson by Don Shanahan: MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the Kicking the Seat’s “HawkTalk” YouTube roundtable for Episodes 1 and 2 of “Hawkeye”opy)

The opening of a new Marvel Cinematic Universe show on Disney+ brings out the re-assembled “Earth’s Mightiest Critics” hosted by Ian Simmons on his Kicking the Seat YouTube channel. It’s Christmastime and Marvel seeks to tie a few bow around the holiday with arrows and swords. Enjoy the live “HawkTalk” Kicking the Seat YouTube roundtable for the first two episodes featuring the expanded cast of Ian, myself, David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel, Mike Crowley of You’ll Probably Agree, Mark Krawczyk of Special Mark Productions, Annie Banks of Chuck Load of Comics, Elliott Serrano of the Shaken Not Heard: A James Bond Fancast!, and, last but not least, my Cinephile Hissy Fit podcast partner Will Johnson! Enjoy the show!



from Review Blog – Every Movie Has a Lesson

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