New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: Debut of ‘Creators in COVID’ Podcast Featuring Actor Steve Kasan

Today is the world debut of the Creators in COVID podcast. It has been a project that we’ve worked on most of 2021, so it is fitting that the 9-episode first season is what closes out the year for The Black Cape. The podcast began as an article pitch that no one wanted to commission. Then, we got the idea to make a multimedia record of how creative people got through the pandemic. So many of us struggled to create the content that the world craved, and did so without credit or recognition. In this first episode, Steve Kasan takes our attention to the background actors and the crews of film and television shows. These people are the invisible labor behind the content governments depended on to keep the masses sated during the lockdown. His story raises some serious questions about the term coined in this pandemic “essential worker”. Maybe, you will begin to question how that term is applied.

Come to Vero for the Conversation

So join us in this important conversation and then head over to Vero social media app (available for android, iPhone, and PC wherever you get your apps). Vero is made for creators. We love it because we can connect, share, and exist unbothered and unseen by any algorithms. Vero is the sponsor of the Creators in COVID podcast. In this space, we will have a conversation that connects to the episode. Vero users can also get the episode each week 24 hours before the rest of the world. Follow Jonita Davis on Vero for updates and more information.

And On to the Show…

Here is the podcast. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to go to the comments or to @theblackcapemag on social media to let us know what you think.

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