New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: A Film Festival Trifecta for The Black Cape and Film Junkies

Three incredible film festivals converge in the first week of August to bring a trifecta of film festival greatness to us all. The Blackstar Film Festival, The Bentonville Film Festival, and Fantasia International Film Festival overlap this week, bringing some great films to choose from and not enough time in the day to view them!

Fortunately, each festival has a range of offerings and easy-to-navigate virtual platforms, too. Take a look by clicking the linked intro videos below.

We are kicking off our watches here at The Black Cape on Wednesday, August 4, with Beans screened at Blackstar, the Van Jones documentary First Steps screened at Bentonville F.F. and Dear Hacker from Fantasia Fest. Look for the reviews to these films and more as we traverse the many film story worlds. Follow us on social media for insight as we watch our way through a summer film fest trifecta.

The 25th annual Fantasia International Festival runs from August 5-25. Tickets are available on The festival is a buffet of horror stories from all over the world, featuring voices that often do not make the mainstream box office. They explore social issues and tease the boundaries of the horrifying, the macabre, and the grotesque. Follow us throughout the month to see reviews and more from the festival.

The 10th annual Blackstar Film Festival runs from August 2-8. Tickets are on sale at Blackstar is a showcase for Black voices from the African diaspora, as well as from brown and indigenous voices from around the world. We are looking forward to stories like Beans and Bitchin’ the Sound and Fury of Rick James. The panels center on issues that affect creators like us in the industry. Check out the video below which is full of information about the festival. I dare you not to dance along to the beat.


The 7th Annual Bentonville Film Festival runs from August 2-8. Tickets are available at Here is a look at the founder, Geena Davis as she speaks on the festival and its mission. BFF was created to center voices that are proportionally unrepresented in film. Get ready the hear from and see several creators and tales that are just waiting for their space to shine. Works from Black, LGBTQ+, nonbinary, and indigenous creators as well as those from creators of color. There are also several panels and a 30th-anniversary screening of the iconic film Thelma and Louise. We can’t wait to see stories like The Disappearance of Mrs. Wu and Ludi.


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