New from Leo Brady on Jill Gevargizian- Hot Seat Interview- Director- The Stylist

Jill Gevargizian made The Stylist with determination and passion. It shows in the final product, in arguably one of the coolest independent horror movies made in the last 10-years. She uses the style of Brian De Palma, has a genuine love for the horror genre, and the inspiration of her own life experiences unfolding on the screen. The Kansas City, Missouri native is the essence of cool and has been a major champion for the horror genre. Gevargizian created her own monthly movie showcase in her hometown, called Slaughter Movie House, which highlighted great independent horror films. had the chance to chat with Jill on the Hot Seat about a myriad of topics, what it took to get The Stylist made, her brilliant lead star- Najarra Townsend- and what to expect from her next.

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