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Top 8 Heart-Warming Movies

by Alicia Burmeister

We have compiled a list of movies that can be consumed instead of chocolate if the serotonin level has dropped sharply: heartfelt, like warm nights by the campfire, gentle, like a favorite grandmother, light, like a first grader’s homework. Well, just a good movie with a good rating to relax and forget about your problems for one evening.  If you are a student, you will enjoy these movies after a stressful day at college, as well as some biology help

The Intern

The movie is a therapy for those who are afraid of aging. Charming pensioner Ben Whittaker will prove that at any age you can find some advantages.

It all starts with the fact that Ben refuses to turn his life into a dreary waiting for death. The man is already over seventy, but he finds a job and becomes an intern in a large online store. Ben will have to master the computer, learn what open space is, and make sure that sometimes at seventy you can be more alive than many young colleagues. To rollerblade around the office, to understand fashion and business does not mean to be free and happy. Mr. Whittaker shares his wisdom with the young, and his inexhaustible positivity with the audience.

A Good Year

The movie is about how a callous Englishman in the cozy landscapes of France sells the family business to cunning Americans. And this international deal was made by one of the kings of movie epics, Ridley Scott. But there will be no epicness in this picture — it is about the soul, about good wine, and what is worth living for.

The lead character spent his summer vacation at his uncle’s winery in Provence. In a sunny paradise, the boy learned to appreciate simple things, to be sincere and live honestly, but London quickly washed all this warm French optimism out of the boy. Max grew up and became a stock trader: the smell of croissants and grapes was replaced by the smell of money and expensive suits. Uncle Henry dies, and Max flies to Provence to sell the family business. Returning to the lessons of Uncle helps Max fall into an empty pool — now the hero will have to rise from the bottom in all senses.

Just Go With It

Danny Maccoby was going to get married, but at the last moment he found out that his beloved bride not only cheated on him but also considers Danny her ugly startup. The unfortunate guy abandoned her at the altar, goes to the nearest bar, and meets a girl there. The stranger sees the ring on his finger, and Danny tells his random companion a dramatic story about a tyrant wife, adding to the fiction for completeness the tragedy of orphaned children, beatings, and infidelity. The new acquaintance was so impressed that she decided to increase the capital of her good deeds by consoling the unfortunate guy from the bar. Pity gave birth to a real monster: Danny began to use his wedding ring and creepy stories about his monster wife to get support from sensitive girls. And the scheme works perfectly until the hero falls in love with Palmer — a very beautiful and infinitely kind blonde. Palmer is also not as stupid: the beauty wants to personally meet Danny’s terrible wife to make sure of her existence. The man has to hire his assistant Catherine — a single mother with two children for this role. Together, they, Danny, Palmer, Katherine, the children, and another conman who plays the role of Katherine’s new boyfriend, go to Hawaii, where the already difficult situation is getting worse.

Sing Street

Due to the financial crisis, the boy Conor is transferred to a state religious and free school, and the teenager’s parents are on the verge of divorce and do not help their son much to adapt. Conor immediately has difficulties in communicating with the director and classmates, and then the guy comes to class in brown shoes instead of black ones, it’s time to break the system and assemble a rock band. Connor is putting together a group, but his goal is to please Rafina. The girl dreams of becoming a model and leaving the Republic of Ireland for the UK, so she really likes Connor’s rebellious spirit.

Begin Again

Gretta James wanders around New York City like an abandoned kitten and tries to use music to heal her broken heart. Gretta was abandoned — the heroine is going through a breakup with her rocker boyfriend, who has plunged into commerce and forgot that music is actually about the soul, and not about money and fame. Gretta herself sings and composes only for herself and does not want to be sold to greedy managers. With this approach, she belongs on the street — so decides the former manager of the record label Dan. The man saw (or heard) Gretta’s talent even through a prolonged binge and decided to make a celebrity out of the fragile performer. And instead of boring studios, the guys chose a live venue for recording the album – New York. Without money, without professional musicians, without ambition — only a sincere desire to fill the world with music.

It Takes Two

An old cozy American comedy, in which you can see a couple of stylish bows. The plot here is based on” The Prince and the Beggar”: two girls, very similar to each other, accidentally meet and decide to switch places. One of them lives in a luxurious mansion with a millionaire father and an evil stepmother; the other lives in an orphanage with a kind and understanding teacher. At first, no one notices the substitution, because the girls ‘ appearance is identical, but soon the scam gives out a difference in character. Quiet and modest Alyssa brought up in an all-inclusive environment, is waiting for fun surprises in the shelter like a toad in bed and pasta on her face. Well, for the orphan Amanda, no less a test will be the number of devices on the table and the request to play the piano. Having played enough of each other, Amanda and Alyssa suddenly realize that they can also involve their guardians in their deception, and the girls have a new goal — to marry Amanda’s teacher and Alyssa’s father.

Good Luck Chuck

An excellent choice for those who do not mind frequent vulgar jokes and lightly scripted nonsense. Many believe that if you rub a sculpture in the subway or put a coin under your heel, you can catch not a fungus, but good luck. And in such” happy ” rites, the dentist Charlie acts as a prop: it is worth any woman to sleep with this guy, and soon the lucky girl gets married. Not surprisingly, at some point, Charlie’s bedroom, car, and office became places of pilgrimage. But the hero himself is fed up with such a conveyor belt of someone else’s happiness: Charlie fell in love, and in order not to lose his girlfriend, he needs to get rid of his curse.

He’s Just Not That Into You

A movie with a strange title will tell you about how strange we are. Why do some people want marriage and others don’t? Why do those who want to choose those who don’t? Why do even those who want to, then do not want anything at all? And what do men and women want from each other? There will be many difficult questions, but it is fun to watch this movie: popular actors look very natural in the roles of very ordinary people, and the scenery of the events looks cozy and friendly. And even when someone does something bad, he always gets a karmic “ay-ay-ay”.


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