New from Jonita Davis on The Black Cape: ‘Haepaary’: A Modern Musical Take on Traditional Ways. 

By: Keisha Malone & Alexis Williams

When people think of Korean music immediately one’s mind goes to the ever-growing K-pop genre. BTS, Ateez, BlackPink, NCT, and so many more are constantly growing in popularity within the United States. However, it’s many more styles of music out there and we’re going to be talking about one interesting group that has mixed modern music with classical sound. They are called Haepaary. 

The duo Hyewon and Minhee make up ‘Haepaary’.

Haepaary is a Korean electronic band formed in Seoul in 2019 by Choi HyeWon ( Instrumentalist) and Park MinHee (vocalist). The duo’s style is a mixture of traditional Korean ambiance–flutes and drums–with a splash of EDM. They have recently released their first EP Born by Gorgeousness and it consists of five title tracks.

It’s not often that you hear or see modern genres mixing with traditional/classic genres, therefore it’s hard to imagine it to work. Haepaary definitely pulls this off with “Born by Gorgeousness”. Traditional Korean singing with electronic sound definitely gives a new outlook in the music industry and even a new outlook on tradition for the younger generation. Most of us are very in touch with our roots, but if a Korean youth were to dive into Haepaarys music they could be inspired to look into the history of Jongmyojeryeak and many other traditional genres

Every song starts with a haunting instrumental to bring you into the music. The vocals make you stay. Every single track also has a note of old Korean traditions. For instance one of the tracks “Shining Sentences” gives homage to the music that is usually played during the Jongmyo Jerye or Jongmyo Daeje, a royal ritual, which consisted of paying respects to the ancestors.  For, “A Shining Warrior- A Heartfelt Joy”, the duo not only has a music video but also performed the song at this year’s virtual SXSW concert. Check out this duo. You will not only have a deep respect for the artists but even deeper respect for the fact that every song. Haepaary definitely pays tribute to their Korean ancestors and their traditional ways.


Rating:5/5 stars

Alexis’s favorite track: “A Shining Warrior – Heartfelt Joy

Keisha’s favorite track: “Libation”


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